FINANCIAL CHEST – What is investment? In simple terms, what is called investment is postponing current consumption to be saved and enjoyed in the future.

Simple, right? Very simple. This is the reason why there is no need to talk about investing with complicated theories. Although in practice it is not as easy as in theory.

Ilustrasi investasi untuk pemula

For example, now you have $8. Think of it as idle money. In the sense not to buy necessities that are important and must exist for now.

Suddenly you want to buy a mcd’s burger. Your lust entices you to buy a mcd’s burger. After all, it’s only $8. Stomach full, no problem money drifting.

But out of nowhere, suddenly there was a voice that didn’t want to lose to persuade. Instead of using it to buy McDonald’s burgers, it’s better to use the money to buy whole wheat bread, half kg of lean beef, breadcrumbs, eggs and finely grated carrots. The remaining $2 assuming for cooking oil and seasonings.

With a total spend of $ 8 will be 4 burgers. For example, resold at a price of $ 5 per fruit. Money is $20. Still $12 in profit.

This is a simple definition of investment. Putting off buying a burger just to enjoy $8 to $20 for the next day.

From this simple description, it can be concluded that investing has several facts that not many people know. Among others:

First, Not Only For Rich People

Talking about investment issues, it is always identified with the ability of rich people. The ability that only those who have excess. In fact, it doesn’t have to be like that.

Investment is a choice. Even those who are economically surplus still have the choice to spend it now rather than invest in the future.

That means those of you who live just barely have the same opportunity to set aside investment money. Do not believe? Try to just reduce your standard of living from what you are doing now.

Second, not only for educated people

Investment is only for those who have a bachelor’s, master’s, or even doctoral degree. Or at least already know theoretically how the best steps for investment.

In fact, that view is not entirely correct. Investment opportunities are always open to anyone. A president, artist, CEO, famous business owner, teacher, pedicab driver, public transportation driver, housewife, or even those who do not have prestigious professions. They can still invest.

Because what is needed is not an education degree. But the willingness to be able to plan good finances by investing.

Third, Not Just a Prestigious Instrument

Who says investment is only limited to stocks, bonds, gold, mutual funds, property, forex, or even cryptocurrencies? Trending digital currency. The sexiest investment choice for millennials.

Extensive investment instruments. As long as it goes back to the original meaning. That is delaying consumption now to be stored or played and enjoyed in the future.

The capital you use to open a chicken satay stall can also be called an investment. Or the dime left over from daily shopping that is kept in a chicken piggy bank is also entitled to be called an investment instrument.

Including the balance of savings or deposits in the bank. Even the small change that you put into the mosque’s charity box every Friday prayer is also worthy of being called an investment.

Fourth, it doesn’t have to be of great value

There is no need to think that you have to have hundreds of millions of money first to be able to invest in buying shares of famous companies. Or buy gold bullion at a price that is not cheap.

With only $ 1 per day you can invest. The $1 money that should have been used to buy one slice of pizza can be kept in a piggy bank. Once full, the piggy bank can be split, the money collected, and saved back in bank deposits.

As long as this method is consistent, the $1 money can grow more. It is possible that it could turn into a value of billions to trillions. Well, how? You interested?

Fifth, regardless of the type of investment instrument, don’t forget the best strategy

There is one formula in investing that should not be ignored. That is high risk high return. There is no investment without risk. And the higher the risk you take, the greater the chance of getting a profit.

No matter how much you invest, there is always a risk of loss. Because investment does not only provide opportunities for profit.

Still with the same example as above. The $8 that you invest as capital for selling burgers can be a loss. Burgers were only partially sold. Or even at worst, the burgers don’t sell at all.

This is where there may be ‘what if’ thoughts. If only that money you still buy a burger. It’s lost. But at least you can still enjoy your favorite somai.

With this simple example, you can also think about what if you experience a loss when investing in stocks, forex or cryptocurrencies. Or what about when you need gold prices to drop drastically. Making gold bullion that you have no longer provides a sale profit from purchases.

Whatever the investment instrument and whatever the amount, don’t forget the best strategy. Risk cannot be eliminated. But it can be minimized.

Strategic thinking. Dig investment knowledge from the experts. Don’t be lazy to study. Expand knowledge.

The rest complete with the best prayers. Because no matter how smart humans are, God’s destiny also determines.

And finally, I close this article with the best quotes from Noel Wittaker.

“Rich is not about how much money we will get. But how well we can manage the money.”

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